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Ordering campaigns


Each month we make orders from such brands as Engel and LivingCrafts, sometimes also from Hempage. By joining ordering campaign you can order products with a cheaper price. You can join or Facebook group where we share information about new ordering campaigns HERE.



   Deadline for submitting orders
   (the last day when we accept orders)

Engel, LivingCrafts   22. march 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts, HempAge   5. april 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts   19. april 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts, HempAge   3. may 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts  17. may 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts, HempAge  31. may 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts  14. june 2023
Engel, LivingCrafts, HempAge   28. june 2023

Information about joining the ordering campaign for Engel and LivingCrafts

For goods ordered by joining the ordering campaign we offer discount of 25% from common price (Engel wool fleece, sports and city style clothes have 30% discount). In case the sum of the order is at least 50€, we send the goods to you without additional costs within territory of Estonia. In case you would like to receive the goods outside Estonia to qualify for free shipping the order has to be at least 100€.

  • Ordering form for Engel is available in Exel file HERE, where you'll find conditions for placing orders and prices (right now most of the information is in Estonian, please let us know if you need any help with understanding).
    See the products in Engel product catalog:
    * Children
    * Adults
    * Novelties
    * Engel Sports

From our online shop you'll find products with which you can get acquainted in our shop.

  • The selection of LivingCrafts products can be found in their online shop.
    The discount of 25% which we offer when joining our ordering campaign is valid also in case of discounted products which you find in LinvingCrafts online shop. NB! Our offer is not valid for detergents.
    Ordering form can be downloaded as Excel file HERE.

Send your order forms to our e-mail info@zuzu.ee.
If you wish you can submit your order without filling the form but simply letting us now which products you would like to order by providing product code, color and size as well as how would you like to receive our order after its arrival.


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Tellijatele pakume soodustust 25% tavahinnast.

HempAge toodete tellimisvormi, kus kirjas täpsemad tellimistingimused ja tootehinnad saad alla laadida Exel failina SIIT.
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* Kevad-Suvi 2018 kataloog
* Sügis-talv 2017/2018 kataloog
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